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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Do not Do This After Eating

Nutrients that enter the body plays an important role, especially that every organ in the body to function properly and optimally. For that consider the things not to do after eating, as quoted from Healthmad, namely:

1. smoke
According to a research note that smoking after a meal can increase a person's risk of cancer. This is because the smoke generated from one cigarette is equivalent to 10 cigarettes smoked.

2. eating fruit
Tradition suggests that there is someone to eat fruit after a meal as dessert. But eating fruit after a meal can make the stomach full of air so that it becomes bloated. For that you should eat fruit 1-2 hours after a meal.

3. tea
Drinking tea after eating can make the protein contained in the food becomes difficult to digest. Substances that are difficult to digest this could reach 80 percent.

4. bath
Apparently a shower after eating can make blood flow to the hands, legs, body and stomach is reduced. This condition will result in digestive disorders that can lead to a sense of inconveniences.

5. run
Walking after a meal can make the body unable to absorb nutrients from food properly.

6. sleep
Sleep after eating can make a bloated digestive tract, intestinal inflammation and trigger acid reflux into the esophagus, causing discomfort.

7. Drinking cold water
Eating cold water during or after a meal can make foods especially those containing oil or fat be frozen, so it will accumulate in the intestines that causes narrowing of the digestive tract and obesity.g the size in inches when you make a picture.